The Random Processes
Offsides Improv
Doctor Whose Line is it Anyway?
Work In Progress
AMI- Absent Minded Improv
Hot McCartney
The VaudeVillains
Nobody's Sweetheart (Kissimmee)
The Third Thought

Jana Banana from The Phillips Phile on Real Radio 104.1 in "The Armando"
3033 (Chicago)
Dad's Garage (Atlanta)
Improv Guild (Canada)
Upfront Theatre (Washington)
Bear Vs Wizard (Orlando)
Classy D (Chicago)
Formal Apology (Chicago)
Loaded Dice (Missouri)
Second Thought Improv Theatre (Micanopy, FL)
Dear Aunt Gertrude (St. Pete)
Mad Cowford Improv (Jacksonville)
Theatre Strike Force (Gainseville)
The Third Thought (Clearwater)
The Random Processes (Maitland)
OFFSIDES Improv (Orlando)
Wooden Steel Productions (Orlando)
Droll Academy (Orlando)
The Early Show (Orlando)
FreeForm Improv Theatre (Orlando)
Hot McCartney (Orlando)
The WHOligans (Orlando)

Improv Boston (Boston)
Some Like it Improvised: Kaci Beeler and Roy Janik (Austin)
The Arm: Andy & Taylor (Atlanta)
Bitch And Camaro: Tara Ochs & Ian Covell (Atlanta)
Lazy Fairy (Sarasota)
Quiet Monkey Fight (Seattle)
Is This Seat Taken: Jay Hopkins, David Charles (Orlando)
Island Time: former Comedy Warehouse Alum (Orlando)
The Early Show (Orlando)
Offsides Improv (Orlando)
Droll Academy (Orlando)
Bear Vs Wizard (Orlando)